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Carpet &               Upholstery 

Insurance Billed Directly 
State of the Art
Truck Mounted Equipment

• Fast Dry Time - Approx. 2-4hrs

• 100% Safe & Non-Toxic

• Room Deodorizer

• Pet Odor Removal Treatment

• Oriental Rug & Area Rug 

• Water Damage

• Truck Mounted Equipment

We never up sell. Everything is included as part of the service. You will never have to haggle with us. We come to clean your carpets, and that is exactly what we will do. Depending on the package that you chose, you will get exactly what you've paid for, every time!

*Extract dirt to Truck Mount 300 degrees 
*Conditions Fiber 
*Reduces Allergens 
*400lbs of Suction 
*Brighten Carpet Color 
*Eliminate Dust Mites & Fleas 

  • Every single job and service that we provide is a direct reflection of our philosophy involving extreme dedication to our customer. Some say that we go overboard, as far as customer service is involved. 
  • I say, that if we "wow" you as a customer, you may be so impressed that you may refer our carpet cleaning, or upholstery cleaning services to friends or family members. 
  • That is why every single job or service has to be at 110% of our ability. No single job is an "in and out" type of service. Duration of service is: Until the job is completed to the customers satisfaction. . . every single time.

"we take a bite out of grime"

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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Carpets cleaned bye Grime Fighters are left sparkling clean and dry in 1 to 2 hours, not the 1-2 days you may have experienced with other carpet cleaning methods like Cold Carpet cleaning. 

Our secret is that we use the power of cleaning solutions that are so effective that we only need to use a small amount of moisture to achieve miraculous clean carpets. And if that isn't enough, the ingredients used in our cleaner are copied from Mother Nature herself. 

We don`t need soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals to accomplish our great cleaning results because we've got the power of crystal clear. Clean Carpets with Earth Friendly products that are Baby & Pet Safe.